exif_temp_imageJung Eun Choi, Ph.D. is a cross-disciplinary theorist and curator specializing in contemporary art and technology and digital media culture. Prof. Choi has worked as curatorial staff at renowned media art institutions including Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea, and ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany. She received a MA from New York University specializing in Visual Culture Theory and earned a Ph.D. from Duke University with a specialization in Visual and Media Studies. She also earned the graduate certificate in information science and studies that offered research and training in digital humanities.

At Duke Kunshan University, Prof. Choi provides academic critique that explores the effects of digital technology in broader social and cultural contexts. Her theoretical works explore the spatio-temporal dimension of human experience in contemporary digital environments and provide constructive criticism of digital media that challenges, experiments, and foresees the impact of digital technologies in our society. She also leads interdisciplinary projects in digital curation and practices that create artistic and creative experiences in our everyday lives. Prof. Choi is also the former director of “Digital Humanities City: Restoration of Soon-sung,” the InmunCity Project supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea Grant funded by the Korean Government.