Love Virus @ Art Center Nabi

Love Virus is a group of artists who are members of Love Virus Paper-zines of the blog-inspired, popular mini-hompage service in Korea called Cyworld. Love Virus was started in August 2004 with artists from various artistic disciplines such as photography, moving image, interactive art, performance, and even painting. They showcase daily posts to make new ways of relationship. Love Virus 2.0 and 3.0 were launched in 2005. Love Virus also comes with offline events that make physical contact between the artists and the audience: first offline event “Pochangmacha” was held in a tent bar in Seoul in December 2004 and second event called ‘GoGo virus’ was organized in August 2005 while transforming a basement parking lot into the social playground. Among 21 participating artists of Love Virus, artists including Kim Joon and Jang Woosuk will deliver a special package to ISEA 2006.

The Second Offline Event : ‘GoGo virus’ in Aug 26. 2005.

The first offline event of love virus in December 2004 attempted to transform ‘pojangmacha’ into a cultural space, whereas its second story ‘GOGO virus’ aims for the new communication between contemporary artists and the participants by transforming the basement parking lots of city buildings into the playground of citizens.

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