Project I 2.0 @ Art Center Nabi

Through [project i1.0]in 2005, 51 children opened their hearts to look up new everyday life. With 13 artists, the kids found their own stories and media to communicate with others. Those children became “I” artists who are in the center of their own lives. In 2006, [project i2.0]opens a space for 30 Refugee Youths from North Korea, where they can join with creative artists and [project i2.0]“I” artists. For the past 4 months, North Korean Refugee Youths from 3 different welfare centers around Seoul have learned and experienced how to find their own paths to express and identify themselves through [project i2.0]. They not only experienced how to adapt Korean culture which is very new for those just started their lives in South Korea, but also learned how to express and contribute their cultural mind and knowledge to others. We expect [project i2.0]enables them to communicate with world as cultural origins and give them a chance to meet various people who are willing to listen to them.
= Program =
1. Game Art : FUN studio_ Hide and Seek on Korean Peninsula – Ockdongja, Yeonghojanda, Gaeseongman, Geosooni, Leejihoon, Kyeowoolahgi with Choiseungjoon
2. Web Art : yangachitour.com_Who is Saetumin – Judy, Meongmeongi, Limyongkuk, Kimryujin, Full, Namsong with Yangachi (* Guest artist : Moon Hyung Min, Area Park)
3. Book Art : Guide Book for New Comers_ Han River sightseeing boat Tdongbyeolgongju, Opha, Tdteocki, Ocksama, Shortdari, Lanten with Jangwoosuk
4. Music : The band of the year_One band Gomtaengi, Kwangheockieora, Kimgjeonglim, Peter with Kimjeongbae
5. Party Planning : Festival I 2.0 Kimjinmyung, Ohinhwa, Byeoli, Haengdongdaejang, Haneulnara, Leehaemin with Paikseungbeom
6. Documentation : Documentary Rainbow Kimboram, Kimsohee, Naminah, Seodanbi, Janghanbi, Chojoohee, Kimjoosun, Parkhaeran, Shimjinyoung, Kimsaetbyeol with Namchunsik, Leejunghwa

– Artists : 30 young students of Gong Neung Welfare Center, Dari Community, and Yeomyung School – Mentor Artists : Jeong Bae Kim, Seung Beom Baeck, Woo Suk Jang, Yangachi, Seung Joon Choi (**Guest Artists : Hyung Min Moon, Area Park and others) – Documentary Team : Chun Sik Nam, Jung Hwa Lee, Artists of Proejct I 1.0


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