Thermocline of Art_New Asian Waves @ ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

This exhibition, with 117 artists representing 20 Asian countries from the Middle East to Far East, from Southeast Asia to Near East and Central Asia, offers the first comprehensive picture of contemporary Asian art production.
The show’s title refers to a climatic phenomenon: just like the whirlpool that one can see shooting from the water’s surface when ocean waters experience a considerable change in temperature, the exhibition »Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves« makes visible Asian art, which is still largely undiscovered in the West, from an Asian perspective.

The exhibition focuses on the multiple realities and hybrid identities that have arisen in Asia through the effects of globalization, post-colonialism, and the poly-contextuality of the diverse cultural, political, religious, and economic systems. The artists react with fantasy, satire, skepticism, humor, and cynicism to the conflicts and absurdities of the social systems between tradition and innovation. Project Website:


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