Selected Publications

Choi, J. E., “Contemporary Korean Media Art: Opening the Space of In-between.” Edited by Y.S. Chung, S. J. Kim, and Keith Wagner, Korean Art from 1953: Collision, Innovation and Interaction (1953-Present): Conflicts, Innovations and Interactions, London: Phaidon, 2020, pp 284-299.

  Choi, J. E., “Challenging, Expanding, and Pushing the Boundaries,” Hyundai Motor Art, Seoul: ENart, 2019.

Choi, J. E., “The Paradigm Shifts in Art and Science: From Bodies to Environments” ACKIS, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, Vol. 65 (2018): 2-13.

Choi, J. E., “The Fragmented Orchestra: Where Space Emerges in Network, Somatic Memory, and Depresencing,” Content Plus, The Korea Society of Media & Arts, Vol. 16, No. 3 (2018): 5-19.

  Choi, J. E., “The Experiential Assemblage of the Singular Plural Autobiographical Situation: Tino Sehgal’s Carte Blanche.” Studies of Modern Art History, Korea Association for History of Modern Art, Vol, 40, No. 2 (2017): 173-189.

  Choi, J. E., “Architecture of Depth: Gravicells as a Critical Spatial Practice in the 21st Century.” Journal of the Faculty of Architecture, Vol. 34, No. 2 (2017): 1-12.

  Choi, J. E., Finding Depth in Postmodern Self_You Were Once There Too. Soo Gwack Solo Exhibition Catalogue, Seoul: Gallery Dos, June 2017.

  Choi, J. E., “Materializing Depth in Gravicells: The Potential of Twenty-first-century Media.” In Archiving and Questioning Immateriality. Edited by Everardo Reyes-Garcia, Pierre Châtel-Innocenti, Khaldowun Zreik, Paris: Europia Productions, 2016.

  Choi, J. E., “Toward 21st Century Media: Critical Spatial Practices in Art History,Studies of Modern Art History, Korea Association for History of Modern Art, Vol. 39, No. 1 (2016):  

  Choi, J. E., “Cyborgs as Embodiments of Sociocultural Paradigms of Human Identity—From Dada New Man to Contemporary Hybridized Bodies,” The Journal of the Society of Art & Design, Vol. 18, No. 4 (2015): 214-239. Access at:

Choi, J. E., “Conceptual Laboratory of Depth: Olafur Eliasson’s Your Atmospheric Colour Atlas,” Art and Documentation, Issue 10 (Autumn, 2014): 61-66. Access at:

Choi, J. E., “Pinar Yoldas_Trespassing Boundaries,” Aliceon, Feb 2013.

Choi, J. E., “Zero 1 Biennale,” Review, Aliceon, Oct, 2012.

Choi, J. E., “Figurative Sound & Potential Ground”, Hakseung Lee Solo Exhibition Catalogue, Seoul: Gallery 175, 2008. Access at:

Choi, J. E., “Hey, Mr. Paik, Once Again,” Aliceview,, Jan, 2007. Access at:

Choi, Martha J. E., and et al. ed., Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves. Exhibition Catalogue, ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2007.

Choi, J. E., ed., Project I 1.0, Seoul: Art Center Nabi Press, Korea, 2005.

Choi, J. E., Y. S. Chung and et al., trans, Critical Terms for Media Studies, Edited by W.T.J Mitchell and Mark B.N. Hansen, Seoul: Mijinsa, Korea, 2015. (English to Korean)

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